DVD キリシタン大名 Christian Samurai Lords


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名将・黒田官兵衛、信長に愛され秀吉に畏れられた男にして、千利休の一番弟子と言われた蒲生氏郷、黒田官兵衛や蒲生氏郷らを信仰に導き、国外追放という憂き目に遭いながらも生涯信仰を貫いた高山右近。 戦国乱世の時代、神の教えに出会い、新しい世界を見い出した三人のサムライたちが、キリスト教の禁令によってどのような選択を迫られるのか、そして彼らに共通していた思いとは何だったのか、三人のキリシタン大名の心の軌跡を追う!
Home Use DVD. In 16th century Japan, three Samurai warlords pledged to Shogun Toyotomi Hideyoshi encountered the message of the Bible from missionaries and respond in various ways. Lord Kuroda Kanbei renounced the Christian faith in compliance with Hideyoshi’s command in 1587. Lord Gamo Ujisato did renounce his faith but at the end of his life he returned to the faith. Lord Takayama Ukon became a fervent follower of Christ and chose to disobey Hideyoshi’s command to renounce his Christian faith, and thus gave up his land, fiefdom and his life by accepting exile that eventually, in 1614, led him to Manila where he soon died.