About Us

Japanese Christian Bookstore (The Japanese Christian Church Federation of Southern California Book Department) is located in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, within the facility of Union Church.

In July 1931, the book department started as part of the Japanese Christian Church Federation of Southern California’s ministry. Back in the day, it was very difficult to obtain Japanese Christian textbooks here. Therefore, the ministry started with a purpose of ordering books from Japan and delivering them to the members that are part of the Federation. However, the news spread quickly that Japanese Christian books were now available for order through our publishing department, and we started receiving numerous orders from across the nation. As the ministry served people outside of the Christian Federation, we renamed the ministry to Christian Book Center in 1993, and continued serving anyone in need.

In 2015, we established an online presence as it was necessary, and received approval to practice business from the State. We are now officially called the Japanese Christian Bookstore.

Our prayer and desire is for those who speak Japanese here in the United States to know and understand the love of Jesus Christ our God through these books. We also hope to continue to serve Christians through these books so they can grow and enjoy the joy of living with God.

Please feel free to inquire: (213) 626-1090

Store Hours : Mon-Fri 11:00AM-3:00PM (PST)[ Weekdays except holidays ]

Japanese Christian Bookstore(南加キリスト教教会連合書籍部)はロサンゼルスのリトル東京にあるUnion Churchの敷地内で営業しております。

そして2015年、さらに時代のニーズに沿ったネットショップを兼ねた『Japanese Christian Bookstore』としてカリフォルニア州の認可を得、新しい歩みをはじめました。


お気軽にお問い合わせください。Please feel free to inquire.213-626-1090受付時間 : 午前11時- 午後4時(PST)[ 土・日・祝日除く ] Store hours : Mon-Fri 11:00AM-4:00PM (PST)[ Weekdays except holidays ]