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 Samurai Who Read the Bible series

Hope for Heaven 

Hope for Heaven: Christian Samurai Lords has been published in accordance with the popular NHK Taiga Drama series in 2014. A historical biography of 2 famous Christian Samurai Lords Takayama Ukon and Kuroda Kanbe, the book is an engaging read of the life of two powerful Christian Samurai Lords and their faith in God and their fate as a result of it. The book goes into detail of their faith journey, even resulting in the loss of land, fiefdom, and eventually their lives. This is the 5th book of the Christian Samurai Series. Forest Booksknowledge.

by Yoshimasa Moribe
ISBN: 978-4-264-03138-3

Ryouma's Dream 

Fourth in the Samurai Who Read The Bible series focusing on people in the samurai class in the 1860s and later who were influenced by encountiering the Bible and thus influenced Japanese culture and history. Berore he was killed, the famous samurai Ryohma Sakamoto had dreamed of going to the frontier of Hokkaido where the farmers were free of the feudal system. But two of his relatives did go there. One became a Protestant evangelist who was friends with Masao Nagano, famed through the story of Shiokari Pass. The other one became a Russian Orthodox priest in Hakodate.

by Yoshimasa Moribe

Samurai Who Read the Bible  

When the samurai system was abolished, many western missionaries sought to understand eastern wisdom. At that period numerous historical figures in Japan were influenced by the Bible during the dawn of moder Japan in the Meiji Restoration, the transition from the Edo era to the Meiji era. Many who were sons of samurai had to find a new way, Jou niijima, Inazou Nitobe, Yukichi Fukuzawa are just a few of these individuals. Alexander Croft Shaw was a tutor in the Fukuzawa family, which opened many doors into Japanese society.

by Yoshimasa Moribe
ISBN: 978-4-264-02783-6

Last Confession of Katsu Kaisyu

Second book in Samurai Who Read the Bible series. Samurai Katsu Kaishu promoted interaction with the West at the end of the Tokugawa Shogunate. He is the father of the modern Japanese navy. His doctor, missionary Willis Whitney, wrote to his sister Clara, Katsu’s daughter-in-law, that 2 weeks before he died Katsu said, “I believe in Jesus.”

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by Yoshimasa Moribe
ISBN: 978-4-264-02758-4

Samurai Woman Yae Niijima

Third title in the "Samurai Who Read the Bible Series". Yae Yamamoto grew up in Aizu (Fukushima)as dauger of the gunnery master for the lacal lord. She donned men's clothees to fight against imperial forces at the end of the Tokugawa Era. Moving to Kyoto shi nursed her war wounded brother who became a Christian. She also trusted Christ, married Jo Niijima and the 3 of them founded Doshisha University. Yae had a great impact on Japanese women and encouraged new professional roles for women such as nurshing. She is the subject of an NHK TV drama series aired in 2013.

by Yoshimasa Moribe
ISBN: 978-4-264-03075-1