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 2013年おすすめの本  books of the year 2013

福音の再発見 The King Jesus Gospel

なぜ多くの若いキリスト者が、今日、教会を去ってしまうのか?教会で語られている「福音」を見直し、イエスが語ったオリジナ ルの「福音」の再発見と、教会の再構築を目指す書。
Is the gospel you've been told the one Jesus taught? In this provocative study, McKnight opens up the Scriptures to reveal that much of what the church claims as good news is not what Jesus preached. Discover the difference between a salvation and a gospel culture, how to put Jesus' teaching into practice, and more.

スコット・マクナイト著 by Scott McKnight
販売価格: $25.00 (税込)
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置かれた場所で咲きなさい Okareta Bashode Sakinasai


渡辺和子著 by Kazuko Watanabe → 渡辺和子さんのその他の著作はこちら New!
ISBN番号: 978-4-344-02174-7
販売価格: $12.50
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サムライウーマン新島八重 Samurai Woman Yae Niijima

Third title in the "Samurai Who Read the Bible Series". Yae Yamamoto grew up in Aizu (Fukushima)as dauger of the gunnery master for the lacal lord. She donned men's clothees to fight against imperial forces at the end of the Tokugawa Era. Moving to Kyoto shi nursed her war wounded brother who became a Christian. She also trusted Christ, married Jo Niijima and the 3 of them founded Doshisha University. Yae had a great impact on Japanese women and encouraged new professional roles for women such as nurshing. She is the subject of an NHK TV drama series aired in 2013.

守部喜雅著 by Yoshimasa Moribe →その他の「聖書を読んだサムライたち」シリーズはこちら
ISBN番号: 978-4-264-03075-1
販売価格: $15.00

リーダーシップのダークサイドOvercoming the Dark Side of Leadership

The Christian world has been rocked by the number of prominent leaders who have
been compromised by moral, ethical and theological failures. Seminary professors warn
how those in leadership must confront the warning signs of potential failure they term
"the dark side". The "dark side"refers to inner urges, compulsions and motivations that
drive one toward success. This book helps you understand what the dark side is, leads
you to discover your own dark side, and then guides you through the steps to redeem your dark side.

ゲーリー・L・マッキントッシュ/サミュエル・ライマ著 by Gary McIntosh & Samuel Rima
ISBN番号: 978-4-264-03113-0
販売価格: $23.75
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