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First 12 Steps to Bible

New edition and title of Aiming for a Life of Victory, a long selling course for new believers. 12 lessons in book form with accompanying pad of question sheets. Basic Christian teachings(Bible, sin, salvation, Christian life).

 by Jyunji Hatori
ISBN: 978-4-264-0-2228-2

First Look at the Bible

Simple, captivating introduction to the Bible for people who know nothing about it.


by Kazuhiko Uchida
ISBN: 978-4-264-01804-9

The Sincere Peace

Beautifully designed evangelistic gift book. The author uses his own testimony to explain the Gospel. Topics include death and heaven, so it is suitable to be given to non-Christian guests at a Christian funeral. For all audiences with large print and charming full color paintings.


 by Keita Takagi
ISBN: 978-4-264-02065-3

How to Study the Bible for Yourself

The Bible was written for everyone--you need not rely on scholars and teachers to interpret it. Discover how to 1. locate the Bible's major principles, promises, and commands, 2. understand key verses and themes, 3. achieve an enriching, lifelong habit of Bible study. This practical and inspiring method of study will open up the joy, wisdom, and excitement of the Bible to those who have been studying for years or anyone beginning to explore the wonders of God's Word

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Tim LaHaye
ISBN: 978-4-264-00039-6

The Story of a Buddhist Priest Who Became a Pastor

The author of "The Buddhist Priest Who Met Jesus", retold for a general secular market. Testimony of the third son of a Buddhist priest who became a priest himself to find the meaning of life. Yet, while on a study trip to Korea, he attended a Christian Bible study and discovered the truth in Jesus Christ. Forest Books Imprint

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by Hirokazu Matuoka
ISBN: 978-4-264-02089-9