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おいのりえほん Lion Book of Nursery Prayers

A soft and traditional nursery style, a padded cover with rounded corners, and traditional and biblical prayers make this lovely new prayer book the perfect gift for a young child. There are prayers for all occasions in a young child's life, as well as ones to celebrate special days and festivals. There are also plenty of bedtime blessings to read at the end of a busy day! Detailed and lively pictures on every page provide a focus for parents and children to share. Includes a dedication page. Hardcover.

エレナ・パスカリ文 by Elena Pasquali

$ 15.60

しょくじのおいのり Meal Time Prayer

慎重に選ばれた聖書のお話と、お祈りを通して、子供がごはんそのものや、神様の創造物、パパとママの存在、 ファミリータイム、自分が楽しめるものさえも神様にあたえられていること、などについての感謝の心を育てられる内容になっています。 日英バイリンガル。

ポールまゆみ著 by Mayumi Pohl  


ジーザス・コーリング バイブルストーリブック Jesus Calling Bible Storybook

$ 32.50

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Fully Nothing in heaven or on earth can stop Me from loving you. Jesus is calling out to our hearts, and you can hear His voice in every story in the Bible. These carefully selected stories are paired with new children's devotions from Sarah Young and will help young hearts understand God's grand plan to send His Son, Jesus, to save His children and prepare a place for us in heaven.
サラ・ヤング著 by Sarah Young  キャロリーナ・ファリアス絵  Illustrated by Carolina Farlus

あさのおいのり Morning Prayer

The message in this book teaches children how to have a thankful heart and to be purposeful in how they live in God's amazing creation. Having a thankful heart is an important charactoer aspect of a child's life. It will help create an awareness of God's work in our lives and develop a reliance on Him! This book uses a gentle approach to teach truths and nurture young children's hearts, minds, and souls. It can be used as a morning devotional that will promote a positive start to the day. The colorful and captivation illustrations are drawn specifically with young readers in mind. Written in both Japanese and English, this book not only teaches values, but language as well!

ポールまゆみ著  by Mayumi Pohl ほりしたようへい絵 illustrated by Yohey Horishita
Outskirts Press

ありがとうのてがみ Thank you God

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Fully Charming children's picture book with 7 colorful scenes of a child's life with pockets coutaining childres's letters to God thanking Him for blessings. The last scene shows Christmas and the letter has space for childres to write their own thanks.

ソフィー・オールソップ/ベス・ハーウッド著  by Sophie Allsop & Beth Harwood
ISBN番号: 978-4-264-02617-4

しあわせってなあに?  The Secret of Happiness

Message of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount interpreted for young children. Includes the Beatitudes and the Lord's Prayer. For ages 5-7. Jesus knew the secret of happiness - and he shared it with everyone he knew. Hardcover.

ジャン・ゴドフレイ/オナー・アイレス著  by Jan Godfrey & Honor Ayres
ISBN番号: 978-4-8206-0274-3

こうして、光があった And It Was So

Bible's scriptures with beautiful illustrations by Tasha Tuder. Hardcover.

ターシャ・チューダー絵  illustrated by Tasha Tuder
ISBN番号: 978-4-8184-0666-7

風よ あの子に伝えて O Wind, Tell That Child

This beautiful book helps adults explain church seasonal events to children: Easter, Pentecost, summer camp, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. It has poems, color paintings of cute animals and a lively style.

小宮山賜夫著  by Tamao Komiyama
ISBN番号: 978-4-264-0296-X

バイブルジグソーバズルブック イエスさま Adventure Puzzle Bible
Out of Stock

Large padded board book features six favorite Bible scenes and story text. Put the 30-piece puzzles together to see how the stories unfold. This is learning by doing. Ages 3-7.

グスタボ・マザリ絵/大越結実文 by Gustabo Mazali & Yumi Okoshi
ISBN番号: 978-4-8206-0233-0

キング牧師の力づよいことば Martin's Big Words

This picture book biography of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. brings his life and the profound nature of his message to young children through his own words.

ドリーン・ラパポート文/ブライアン・コリア―絵 by Doreen Rappaporti & Bryan Collier
ISBN番号: 4-337-06241-6

みんなの聖書絵本シリーズ1 せかいのはじまり The Bigining of the World


ISBN番号: 978-4-8202-4230-7


クリストファーの冒険  The Evergreen Wood

Out of stock

After a long and arduous journey, Christopher Mouse reaches the Evergreen Wood, where all the animals live in peace and safety. A beautifully illustrated re-telling of Pilgrims Progress, it is a delightful story for children.

ISBN番号: 4-264-02407-2