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「放蕩」する神  The Prodigal God 

父に背を向け、身を持ち崩した放蕩息子(Prodigal Son)と、父のもとにとどまりながらも、弟の帰還に眉をひそめる兄のあり方を描き、浪費家の神(Prodigal God)の姿と無尽蔵の恵みの世界を浮き彫りにする。21世紀のC・S・ルイスとも評される牧師の代表作。
Recovering the heart of the Christian faith. Jesus' parable of the prodigal son has an unexpected message that surprises seekers and believers alike. The parable's father who unhesitatingly and generously receives his son back into the family fold is in fact also a prodigal (in the original sense of the word meaning extravagantly spending everything), because his forgiveness and bounty is free, unconditioned and abundant. The similarly prodigal God and his true son? Jesus? will, by his death on the cross, reconcile humans to the father from whom they are estranged and welcome them back home. Jesus' teaching and life consistently attracted those who were not religious at all while offending those who prided themselves on how religious and righteous they were. Jesus' focus here was the older son; and his purpose was to shock the Pharisees and all who trust in their own righteousness. The parable appeals to them to grasp by faith the salvation even they need.



偽りの神々 Counterfeit God 

The Empty Promises of Money, Sex, and Power, and the Only Hope That Matters. Can money, power, or love bring you happiness? Discover how only God can wholly satisfy our cravings! Our hearts can turn good, wholesome things into idols that drive us. Bible stories reveal the key to understanding our society and transforming our own minds.


結婚の意味 The Meaning of Marriage 


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