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病床で学んだこと Lessons From a Hospital Bed 


Short and practical, this book by best-selling author John Piper encourages those struggling with illness to focus their attention on God and his grace through reflections on ten lessons he learned while in the hospital.

ジョン・パイパー著 by John Piper

聖書と政治 The Bible in Politics


Illustrated The author teaches the reader how to read the Bible politically and to gain an understanding of the social relevance of the Bible that is disciplined, informed, imaginative, and politically fruitful. He offers neither a summary of the political teaching of the Bible nor a program for Christian political action, but a prerequisite for those things: a course in political hermeneutics. He pays close attention to the text of scripture and believes the eye-witness accounts of Jesus' teaching are reliable. He uses selected Bible passages as examples in meditations on, Leviticus 19, Proverbs 31:1-9, Psalms 10 and 126, Jesus on taxes (Matt. 17, Mark 11-12), Exodus, Revelation 18, the Book of Esther, and the Genesis Flood. In these he sees themes that apply to today's world: righteous living, power, oppression, taxes, urban life, service and freedom, the Jewish holocaust and the nuclear holocaust.

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リチャード・ボウカム著 By Richard Bauckham

朝夕に祈る主の祈り Morning and Evening Prayer:The Lord's Prayer


アダム「神に祈る」とはどういうことなのだろうか。 イエスご自身が弟子たちに「こう祈りなさい」と教えられた「主の祈り」を一節ずつ紐解き、「祈り」とは何であるかを切り口に、神とはどういう方なのか、キリスト教信仰とは何かを学ぶ。 朝と夕1日2回、30日間かけて読むことが出来る構成となっており、キリスト教の入門としても最適。
30 days of morning and evening devotions for a personal retreat. What is prayer? Jesus himself taught his disciples to pray. Through this "Lord's Prayer" we learn what kind of person God is and what Christian faith is.

大嶋重徳著 By Shigenori Oshima

つらい時不安な時立ち上がる力 Strength to Stand in Tough and Anxious Times


A cardiologist who believes in God shares his testimony and thoughts that he is not allowed to share with his patients. Many people are worried about their health but knowing God who created us is more important. He gives advice to people worried about what to eat and drink for the health of their family and shares episodes among his patients illustrating the miracle of the healthy body, but points to spiritual health as most important. Easily accessible introduction to our Creator.

今中和人著 By Kazuto Imanaka

祈り合う家族になるために Become a Family That Pray Together


The author promotes family devotions as an important part of the Christian family's life. The book explains what that is, how to start it, and how to address boys and girls at various development levels, ages and school levels. It ends with questions and answers on the topic.

大嶋裕香著 By Yuka Oshima