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 マックス・ルケードの本 Books by Max Lucado

ザ・クロス The Cross - He Chose the Nails 

Insightful treatment of what Jesus accomplished on the cross for us. Warm,conversational storytelling blended with scripture, humor, and vulnerability. The meaty message of God's greatest sacrifice that reveals His love for mankind. Calvary shows us our sins nailed between the hand of Jesus and the cross. One good choice for eternity offsets a thousand bad ones on earth. Choose Christ.

ISBN番号: 978-4-264-02078-3
販売価格: $18.00 

きみへのとくべつなおくりもの  Your Special Gift

Children's picture book. Number 6 in the You Are Special series. Punchinello and the other wooden Wemmicks learn to use the special gifts that Eli the woodcarver gave them to help a family who comes to their town to visit Eli. God has given all of us special gifts that we enjoy using so that we can help others.

ISBN番号: 4-264-02480-3
販売価格: $19.20

きみはきみらしく If Only I Had a Green Nose

A green nose. How silly. Punchinello wants to fit in and look just like all the other Wemmicks! We too want to fit in and be accepted. However, sometimes it may mean we either have to look and act like others--or risk being rejected. It is important to be who we were created to be. Let this wonderful tale help you remember two things: that you were made unique for a reason and that there is one who will always help you be yourself. Book 3 in the "You Are Special" series.

ISBN番号: 4-264-02051-4
販売価格: $19.20

ファイナル・ウィーク  And The Angels Were Silent

Insightful and moving. Like never before, believers and seekers alike will see Christ's passion, sense His power, and hear His promises.
ISBN番号: 4-264-01891-9
販売価格: $24.00


そのままのきみがすき  Just the Way You Are

The King(in this case the analogy points to God )wants to adopt 5 children, who try to impress him by their many talents and skills. One girl doesn't think that she has any, but she does have a good heart. In the end, that is what counts the most to the King.

ISBN番号: 978-4-264-02890-1



たいせつなきみ You Are Special

Fully illustrated children's tale that teaches kids that their loving Creator made them all special and they need not worry about what others think of them.

ISBN番号: 978-4-264-01740-0
販売価格: $19.20