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A fascinating trip through the Bible for middle or high school youth and adults. After a brief manga story of a boy who wants to learn about the Bible, this heavily illustrated survey moves through manga Bible stories and background with information from archeology and even quizzes.

By Toshio Katsuma


MANGA Bible Story Life of Christ 

Brings the life of Jesus Christ and his teaching alive in "comic book"style for children, young people and adults.

By Masakazu Higuchi


A delightful history of the Christian Church. This volume (first of two) summarizes the Bible and then tells the story from the apostles to 1453. Comic book (manga) stories show the people and illustrated prose sections show the major events that shaped the course of history. Manga stories include Nero's persecution, the martyrdoms of Polycarp and Sebastian, Augustine, Charlemagne, Crusaders and Francis of Assisi. Includes a comprehensive time-line.

By Masakazu Higuchi


Here is a dynamic, full-color manga (comic book style) version of the stories from the book of Genesis in the Bible. This first volume tells the story from the creation of the world to God closing the door of Noah’s Ark. This exciting introduction to the Bible tells how the universe began and what the Creator God‘s plan and purpose is for us humans on this planet. It focuses on the people and their relationship to their Creator. It refers to major Old Testament and New Testament themes that are first introduced in Genesis. There are also articles scattered throughout the manga story that have science information from a young earth position. The story has furigana pronunciation marks (but not the articles) so all can enjoy, from children to adults.

By Kelly Shinozawa




The story of the life of young man named Kenji, and his confusion and wandering. It gives an indirect Biblical message. 

By Kelly Shinozawa

Manga Ancient Empires in Bible Time


A lively and often humourous full-color manga book giving historical background and context to the stories in the Bible from the fall of Israel to Assyria in the Old Testament to the New Testament era. It details the Assyrian, Babylonian, Persian, Greek and Roman empires and focuses on the Jewish reaction to the occupiers, especially during the 400 years between the Testaments. This helps the reader understand why the Jews reacted to the Romans and to Jesus as they did in the New Testament accounts.

By Cremind

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Manga:Before Saying God Doesn't Exist 


Full-color manga book, originally published in Korea, with an engaging and humorous style appealing to Japanese. It challenges atheists to reconsider their belief, answers 16 major question/objections to Christianity, compares it to 4 other religions, gives a wonderful overview of Christianity (God, man's dilemma, salvation for sin - explaining many OT images), 2 great proofs of God's existence(resurrection of Christ and answers to prayer in the author's life), and concludes with a clear presentation of how to trust in Christ for eternal life. Wonderful for Japanese youth (6th grade and up) and young adults who wonder what Christianity is about, all in one book. Introduces the living, biblical faith, not church history.

America! Why Is It That Way?


A Manga story of the author's experiences in the USA with the confusing and surprising culture elements and the interesting people she met while an art student at a Christian college. Topics include Amish, Jews, Muslims, Christians involved in the arts, etc. Manna Books imprint.

By Nanami Minami


Manga Apostolos


By Kelly Shinozawa

MANGA What is Believing in God?


What is Believing in God?, Min Jung Kim, Dok Rae Kim, illus. Full color manga book introducing faith, the gospel and Christian living. Many short, often humorous manga stories address many questions non-Christians have, while at the same time helping Christians to realize what their salvation means in real life.

By Min Jung Kim / Dok Rae Kim

MANGA Parables of Jesus  


Fourteen of Jesus' dramatic and insightful stories come to life in manga (comic book) form for adults as well as children. This paperback edition was redesigned to appeal to adults and contains the story text from the Bible with comments by Noboru Yamaguchi before each manga story. The forward addresses a non-Christian audience encouraging manga readers to learn about Jesus' teaching through these stories.

By Masakazu Higuchi

The Story of the Bible


3Volumes Bible story animated picture book by Osamu Tezuka.

By Osamu Tezuka

信じてたって悩んじゃう Even Though You Believe, You Still Have Questions


Why two Testaments? How did people live in Jesus' time? What are the Dead Sea Scrolls? These and many other fascinating questions are answered in this new edition of the Bible Guide. Revised Essential Bible Reference series, top 12 selling titles, relaunched in smaller user friendly format.

By Nanami Minami

MANGA History of Christianity Series


This series shows major events in the history of Christianity including the birth of Christ, early crusades, Nero’s persecution, Luther’s Protestant revolution and stories featuring Galileo, Napoleon and Mother Teresa. This book is a complete summary of various human dramas that took place during the 2000 years of Christian history. 

By Masakazu Higuchi
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