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 ジョシュ・マクドウェルの本 Books by JOSH McDOWELL

キリストは神か偽善者か More Than a Carpenter 

Is Jesus really God, or is he an imposter? Did he really rise from the dead? Here is convincing evidence that the historical Jesus, the carpenter from Nazareth, is truly God and the Savior of the world. Revised edition, new Japanese title, revised text of this worldwide best-seller. McDowell's story of his own journey to faith is included at the beginning of the book. 192 pages.

ISBN番号: 978-4-264-02329-6
販売価格: $14.40 

徹底検証キリスト教  The New Evidence That Demands a Verdict 


イエス・キリストとは何者なのか? 復活は本当にあったのか?―――聖書の記述の確かな事実性を、旧新約の整合性、ユダヤ側やローマ側の歴史証言、教父文書など、豊富な史料を基に解明する。
This classic apologetics resource was largely re-written and expanded(thus the word "New"in the title)to address post-modern youth, which makes it also more accessible to questioning Japanese young people.
Vol.1 聖書 Bible Vol.2 キリスト Christ

販売価格: Vol.1 $23.27 Vol.2 $31.20

断絶世代とつながるために The Disconnected Generation 

The post-modern youth culture is different from any other generation of youth, with no concept of absolute standards of morals. Passive entertainment and lack of human relationships have left youth feeling isolated. Learning trust is key to dealing with life issues. The author's goal is to help them connect with their Christian faith.

ISBN番号: 978-4-8206-0228-6
販売価格: $18.00 

自己の再発見 His Image, My Image 

Experience the high worth everyone possesses in the mind and heart of God and enjoy the freedom of having your identity in Christ. 

ISBN番号: 978-4-264-00871-2
販売価格: $26.40