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 星野富弘さんの本 Tomihiro Hoshino's Books

いのちより大切なもの The Thing More Precious Than Life 

Words and paintings of flowers and Nature by the nationally-famous disabled mouth artist and poet, especially those which express his Christian faith, in conjunction with the Exhibition from November, 2012, to March, 2013, at Ochanomizu Christian Center in Tokyo. Part 1: Exhibition theme essays, interviews and 12 paintings with poems. Part 2: 15 paintings with poems. Part 3: Collaboration of paintings and words. Fourteen 2-page spreads with a painting only on one page and prose selections from previously published books on the facing page.

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種蒔きもせず  Without Seeding


ISBN番号: 978-4-03-963920-2
販売価格: $19.50

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ことばの雫 Word Gems that Go Straight to the Heart

Gift book. Beautifully designed collection of insightful short prose sentences from Tomihiro Hoshino's writings with photographs by his wife, Masako. She takes photographs of flowers that Tomihiro uses as models for his paintings. Themes include Nature, Flowers, People, and God. Hardcover A5 size, 112 pp.

ISBN番号: 978-4-2
販売価格: $15.60

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たった一度の人生だから  Because We Only Have One Life

In this beautifully designed gift book the famous authors comment on the art and poetry of Hoshino and discuss the secret of living meaningful lives. Although past retirement age, Hoshino is a uadraplegic artist and poet and continues to paint with a brush in his mouth. In his suffering he encountered God and discovered his artistic gifts that have brought encouragement and hope to many. 100-year-old physician Hinohara continues to practice medicine and promote joyful living for the elderly with physical, mental and spiritual health. Includes photos of their meeting and art and poetry by Hoshino.

ISBN番号: 978-4-264-02468-2
販売価格: $14.40
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銀色のあしあと  Silvery Trace

Illustrated coffeetable book in hardback. Photos and paintings. A dialogue between novelist Ayako Miura and paraplegic mouth artist Tomihiro Hoshino, revealing God's love and grace in suffering and the joy of fellowship with him.

ISBN番号: 978-4-264-02890-1
販売価格: $10  
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風の旅 Journey of the Wind

Hoshino's 4th book.


ISBN番号: 4-651-11011-8
販売価格: $18.20

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